How can Blockchain change our lives in the future?

What is Blockchain? Why is Blockchain safe? do I and Blockchain work? I tried to tell you blockchain through the eyes of a software developer.

What is the purpose of Blockchain?Let’s briefly recall what it does:

Blockchain is a database in which users are anonymous, data is stored in a distributed format on all users’ computers, and you cannot change any previous information because data blocks are linked together.

Because the data is not in a central database, it provides advantages that there is no risk of loss, no chance of being changed. Because the owner of the data is anonymous, it prevents you from being recognized and your assets are known.

What has been done so far?
In fact, what we’re going to talk about here, in general, is the Ethereum network, a software development network. Ethereum is a platform for developing applications with a software language called Solidity.

With the Don’t sell pixels application on the page, the area in the pixel field you purchased by giving Ether is yours forever! Or you can create a royal line in the Ethereum network and ascend the throne for a while. You can keep the message you want to leave to the world forever by writing it to Blockchain, or you can have a photo that you want to keep forever.

The examples I mentioned above, and many of them, are actually developed and stopped applications. The application may be prepared for developers to better understand the concept of blockchain. But these models, which do not have complex business structures, allow us to easily observe how the blockchain cannot be changed. For example, a message is written in a block, your picture, your place in the royal line, or the pixels you buy on the screen cannot be deleted by someone else, they will live as long as the block in which they are written.

Some more useful examples:
There are many different ways to register a domain name today. But isn’t it the best way to register a blockchain domain and keep it forever, and then easily transfer it to someone else? The application called PeerName works on this concept. The domain you received for Ethereum written to the Ethereum network and it is no longer possible to change this ownership to anyone else. Application developers have stated that extensions such as .eth and .bit are not currently supported by ICANN, but believe they will work with different browsers, different interfaces in the future.

UJO writes to Ethereum about the music purchased by the audience. Thus, the artist sees the figures written on the blockchain for his purchased or listened music, and even without the occasional intermediary music company, he can deliver the goods to the end user and earn money.

And the ones I love the most are marriage contracts. With your Ethereum wallet, you can tell the entire blockchain that you are married by pointing to another Ethereum wallet. I’ve seen various practices in this regard. EtherLovers is another attempt to announce your love to the entire Ethereum network.

Of course, let us state that these applications are conceptual and not yet fully operational.

What can we do with Blockchain?
While the above examples are always on the Ethereum network, we can develop applications using other Blockchain infrastructures, and we can also use Ethereum to connect only to computers that we allow. So the examples are from the Ethereum, but we need to think about what we can do next in Blockchain.

I think many of our structures are now at a level that can pass to Blockchain. For example, marriage; information made by two persons and processed by a wedding officer. If we consider this on the blockchain, the two citizens can make their agreements with the state-assigned blockchain wallets on the blockchain without an officer in between. Thus, people will be able to see the information of the person they are married to, whether they are married before, when they get divorced, after they learn their wallet address. Please note that copies of this database will not be possible, as this database can be found on anyone’s computer.

Another institution that can be easily added to Blockchain is the Land Registry and Cadastre. As a result, the land parcel you own is delivered to you with a document prepared in your name and placed in the documents of the Land Registry Cadastre. This can be done simply by writing the relevant parcel on your blockchain wallet. So you tell 80 million that that parcel is yours and that no one can change it unless you want it.

Notary operations can also be solved with Blockchain in the future. For example, in a car sale transaction, the notary public prepares and confirms a sales document and after this time the car changes hands. Likewise, two people with wallets issued by a government agency can write the license plate of the car to be sold on the blockchain and expect the notary to dig it. That is, from a notary seal and a signed approval process, a block written like a miner can be transformed into an approver.

Voting can be prevented by repeating votes by writing to the blockchain with a wallet owned by the user, as well as making the counting of votes healthy and fast. It can also lead to more frequent elections and consultation with more people, increasing the number of valid votes and participation.

So why do we need this?
First of all, there is no possibility to change the transaction movements. It may allow faster transfer of information between them. The processing time will be accelerated, and in some cases, the certifying authority may reduce the costs and thus reduce costs to complete the transaction. Blockchain technology can reduce costs and increase processing speed.

Would lightning be able to Network be a Solution for Bitcoin Scaling?

Bitcoin is the most mainstream among the monetary forms that utilization the blockchain framework, both the most established, the span of the market, and the cost per unit. This prominence puts him in danger by certain circles. As we frequently observe, updates on state weight on Bitcoin, elective monetary forms – which don’t generally bode well or offer mechanical improvement – are being tested by making Bitcoin’s royal position.

On the off chance that we believe that Bitcoin has mechanical issues as far as age and that the cryptocurrency advertises, which is worth about $ 500 Billion, is trailed by numerous individuals/establishments, we will see that these dangers are regular.

The all-out size of the cryptocurrency market surpassed $ 600 billion in December 2017.

Source: CoinDesk

In this article, we will fend off ourselves from the abrupt abatements and outpourings in Bitcoin costs and analyze Bitcoin’s innovative issues and in the case of Lightning Network is the answer for them.

Bitcoin’s Current Problems

To more readily comprehend the issues, allows first to take a gander at what issues Bitcoin preceded. The present technique for moving cash puts in any event one middle person (bank) in the middle of, the cash is moved after the endorsement of two delegates (bank) and takes critical time. What’s more, the more delegates the more commissions are expanding. Above all, issues, for example, endorsement of foundations and value approach make the mediator a focal organization.

Bitcoin has been on the world stage since 2009 as an answer to these issues. Bitcoin As a Distributed Database, it is advanced cash that diggers give the Reliability of Data by giving Anonymous, Trusted Digital Wallets to their clients. This computerized cash enables us to move cash to low wages, yet has the structure to enable cash to be sent to the next gathering in a split second. Yet, what truly makes it beneficial is that it is decentralized – that is, there is nobody between the sender and the sender.

In any case, Bitcoin hasn’t had a decent time as of late. Because of the ongoing cost increment, move charges have risen significantly. On account of a cash move in the last square when composing this, the sender sends $ 41 Bitcoin to the beneficiary, paying $ 15 Bitcoin for it. Once more, while composing this article, in excess of 100,000 exchanges are pending endorsement. The data on the page says that a normal of 2.48 cash moves every second is prepared. This implies sending bitcoins to another person does not really become quicker than banks.

At the season of this composition, over the most recent 24 hours, 217,195 exchanges were checked in 183 squares. There’s a normal of 7.35 minutes between squares. 1,179,053 Bitcoins were moved and 338 Bitcoins were paid to the diggers for this.


Lightning Network

There is an improvement that Bitcoin considers as an answer to these issues. Despite the fact that we have begun to hear the name of the Lightning system every now and again lately, after a short research, we can see that Bitcoin circles have been discussing this issue for a long time and they are searching for answers for versatility issues that may happen on Bitcoin.

Presently we should inspect how Lightning Network gives answers for the Bitcoin issues referenced previously:

Moment Payments

What makes Bitcoin methods for installment is that it requires a long investment for installments to go to the next gathering. It originates from A’s wallet, written in squares arranged when it achieves a limit of 10 minutes or 1MB to transmit the esteem sent to B’s wallet, and affirmed by the excavators. By greater part, these installments are acknowledged as genuine when endorsed by 6 diggers. This implies significantly longer time for exchange of installments. So; If there isn’t sufficient cash move following 10 minutes, if there is cash move information in abundance of the measure of 1MB information move happens following a specific moment/hour/day.

With Lightning Network, cash moves can be handled without the requirement for endorsement. In this way, quick and modest quantities of installments can be made. This will make it conceivable to utilize Bitcoin in return of products and charges during shopping.

Different Signed Wallets

In the Lightning Network, clients will most likely make cash moves without sitting tight for endorsement by making a Multiple Signed Wallet among themselves, rather than having 6 endorsements on the fundamental Bitcoin chain.

LG will launch the world’s thinnest laptop

LG do të lansoj laptopin më të hollë në botë

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held annually in Las Vegas is just a few weeks away and announcements have already begun. LG announced today that it will launch the world’s easiest laptop – Gram 17 – at CES.

The laptop weighs only 1.340 grams compared to other laptops of the same class weighing 2,000 grams or more.

The company claims it managed to gather on a 17-inch screen, a 15.6-inch laptop body. The laptop will feature the Wide Quad Extended Graphics Array (WQXGA) screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution and a wider 16:10 aspect ratio.

Specifics show that the screen will be great for video, gaming, and document editing.

Among the key features of the laptop are:
– Screen: 17 inches WQXGA resolution 2560 x 1600
– Processors: Intel Core 8th Gen Intel Core
– Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics
– Memory: 8 / 16GB RAM
– Internal storage: 256 / 512GB
– Battery: 72Wh (about 19.5 hours, according to the company)

LG says the laptop is designed with the MIL-STD-810G sustainability standard, making it resistant to shock, temperature, and dust. The company has included a fingerprint sensor. In addition, the device has DTS Headphone X technology to enhance your audio experience.

The Galaxy S10 will pack a lot of cameras

Samsung is working intensely for their next phones – the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus – before the official announcement, announced for the Mobile World Congress congress in February.

Galaxy S10 do të paketoj shumë kamera

According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, the most expensive model Samsung Galaxy S10 will boast six cameras.
With the Galaxy S10, Samsung seems determined to launch four separate variants – doubles the existing Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus line.

According to sources within the company that speaks with the Wall Street Journal, the top model – codenamed “Beyond X” within Samsung – will boast an impressive 6.7-inch AMOLED display, 5G support and six cameras – two on the front and four in the back.

None of these features is completely new to Samsung. Earlier this year, South Korean manufacturer launched the Galaxy A9 with a quadruple camera mounted on the back.

Like in the Galaxy A9, the four cameras on the Galaxy S10 will enable 2x optical zoom, an ultra wide sensor and a deep lens for Live Focus images.

Earlier this year, Samsung’s mobile department chief, DJ Koh, promised that the next Galaxy S10 line will feature very important design changes as opposed to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.

OnePlus is unstoppable

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau attended today’s Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology meeting in Hawaii to make a surprising announcement: the first device for the world market with the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor will be produced by OnePlus.

While OnePlus devices traditionally feature the latest and newest Snapdragon processor, the honor of being the first in the market usually goes to Samsung, mostly with the Galaxy S series. Lau did not explain what, exactly, this OnePlus phone would be. If it’s the first in the market with the newest SP processor, it means launching the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is expected to appear in late February. It would be too early to announce a new OnePlus phone, considering the OnePlus 6T that was launched only at the end of October.

OnePlus, jo Samsung, do të sjell telefonin e parë me procesorin e ri, Snapdragon 855

Perhaps the OnePlus phone with the Snapdragon 855 will be a 5G-based phone, announced early this year. In fact, a OnePlus press release sent to the Android Authority confirmed that the first 5G merchant phone in Europe will also be a OnePlus device.

It can not be said for sure, but it’s a good bet that OnePlus will release a phone with Snapdragon 855 and 5G in Europe and possibly other countries before the end of February. This independent device would not be OnePlus 7, but a new phone line from the company.

Xiaomi is breaking the limits

Xiaomi is developing a 48 megapixel camera phone.
Since Sony has featured a 48 megapixel camera sensor earlier this year, it seems that megapixel racing is continuing for mobile devices once again. Huawei with the latest devices, Mate 20 and P20 Pro, have 40 megapixels.

Xiaomi është duke zhvilluar një telefon me kamerë 48 megapikselë

Their local rival, Xiaomi, is seeking to push things to a new level with a phone that has a 48-megapixel rear camera. The executive director at Xiaomi, Lin Bin, posted a photograph at Weibo for what appears to be a phone with a 48 megapixel rear camera. We can also see a dual LED flash in the image. The number of lenses is not clear from this photo, so it can be either a dual or triple camera system.

There is no further information at this point except it will be launched in January next year. Bin added that he has used this phone for a few weeks and thinks he is not “bad”. If the company is to launch this phone next month, it is likely to have the world’s first 48 megapixel camera phone. Whether to use the Sony or Samsung 48MP camera sensor, it remains to be seen.

Apple Music now has over 56 million subscribers

Apple Music tani ka mbi 56 milionë abonues

While Apple Music got a later start compared to other music broadcasting services, it seems to be catching up very quickly. Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple Music had about 50 million subscribers, but now according to recent figures from the Financial Times, it seems that this number has risen to 56 million in less than a year.

It is unclear how accurate these figures are, but it is not surprising that the numbers are growing as it has been so far. It also appears that this increase in subscribers is a result of Apple’s aggressive approach to service, where appear to be emerging from their areas of comfort with ideas.

This is according to a senior executive, who said that “Apple came out on the market with an inferior product three years ago. Apple Music did not become spectacular as iTunes. However, the service is becoming more serious, teams are coming to us with new ideas all the time. ”

There has also been a report in the past that suggested that in terms of the US music market, Apple Music may have already passed Spotify, although for the most part, Spotify is the general leader.


Lasso, a video application dedicated to teenagers

In an effort to restore young people who have fled their main platform, Facebook has once again plunged into their handbags and launched a TikTok clone. Lasso, a music-sharing video app in which Facebook has reportedly worked since October, is now available for iOS and Android.

Facebook lanson Lasso, video-aplikacionin e dedikuar për tinejxherë

Facebook describes Lasso as an application that “makes it easy for anyone to create and share shorts with fun effects.” The app will allow users to follow other creators, search for content using a hashtag, and create new and short videos using a variety of creative tools. Facebook ensures that the app includes a “massive music library,” which uses it to give a shot to TikTok, an app that has gained popularity with video sync.

Once Lasso is owned by Facebook, it integrates into the company’s ecosystem so you can sign up using an Instagram or Facebook account. The app will need to enter your profile page, photos, and videos. When you make your videos in Lasso, you’ll be able to split them directly into Facebook stories. An instagram similar to Instagram’s stories will come later this year, writes The Verge. You can get Lasso, starting today.

Do you wonder when google Hangouts will be finished?

Google Hangouts do të përfundoj në 2020

Google seems to be preparing to erase their messaging and video app, Google Hangouts, according to a report from 9to5Google. The service will leave for good sometime in 2020, and its extinction is not very surprising.

In 2016, Google introduced Allo and Duo, two apps that were basically a breakdown of two main Hangouts features – Allo was intended for instant messaging and the Duo would serve for video calls.

At that time the firm said Hangouts would be more convenient for businesses, which eventually culminated in the Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, two enterprise-focused applications that also featured video and video conversations in two different products. These will continue to exist, keeping Hangouts alive in some way. Google seems to have turned most of the attention to Rich Communication Services (RCS) and their Android Messages app, which has currently received important updates over the last few months, also launching in a web version.

Thankfully, the Duo has gained a bit more attention, with closer integration into Android and availability on some Chromebooks, so it’s likely to stay longer. With the close of Hangouts, it remains to be seen whether Google will bring anything new to Allo. Last year, it was speculated that Allo could replace the Hangouts integration in Gmail.

Do you know the latest updates of YouTube?

YouTube sjell filmat pa pagesë, por me reklama

YouTube recently started publishing a number of feature films that viewers can watch for free, supported by advertisements. While the selection is not great, there are some of the famous films such as The Terminator, Legally Blonde and Rocky.

According to AdAge, the video platform began to release movies in October with a “Free to Watch” category in the movie industry where users have traditionally bought or rented movies. Movies come with commercial interruptions, with advertisements appearing at regular intervals. Rohit Dhawan, managing director of YouTube products, told AdAge that the company saw an opportunity for consumers and advertisers and notes that there may be a way for advertisers to “sponsor” movies or display exclusively. At present, the selection is limited to 100 films, a selection that Dhawan says will eventually expand.

TechCrunch states that Walmart has its own free movie selection at Vudu, while Tubi has its own large selection of free movies. YouTube’s effort in this area makes sense – AdAge notes that more and more people are entering YouTube from smart TVs and distributing free advertising-supported movies can be a big new audience for the network wide advertising site